The Miss Me More Tour - Pre-sale Starts Now!
Oct. 29, 2018

The Miss Me More Tour - Pre-sale Starts Now!

Kelsea has officially announced her next headlining tour, The Miss Me More Tour with Brett Young and special guest Brandon Ratcliff! The tour kicks off in April of 2019 and will run through May. Tickets and VIP packages are available for pre-sale now through Thursday, Nov. 2nd at 10pm local time. Use the code: MMMTOUR to get your tickets first! See ya in 2019, Legends!
  1. Cassidy121 avatar

    Kentucky needs a tour date on that tour!!! Please I just saw you with Keith Urban but you are freaking amazing!!! Please consider putting Kentucky on it!!

  2. gizzianthony avatar

    How do I get meet and greets? I can't find it on Ticketmaster unless its sold out already???

  3. Susan Hollenbach avatar

    I so sad that I can't make it to the show to far away from me and I can't afford tickets. But I love you you're awesome

  4. Susan Hollenbach avatar

    I hope that I will win. Love you so much and I was trying to get tickets for your show in the Santander arena is the one in New Jersey and I don't know how much tickets are

  5. Randicouch avatar

    You should make a trip back to Denver! We love you!

  6. robinannvincent avatar

    Why no Jersey!?!? I’m so sad right now :,(

  7. Ajcaggiano11 avatar

    This will be my 7th show 1st ever Vip. I can't wait for April

  8. Jenni Hernandez 13 avatar

    YESSS!!! SO EXCITED ????????

  9. Boots825 avatar

    I am part of the fan club, and I click on tickets and nothing is working :(

  10. bigworm6917 avatar

    OMG this is amazing. I can't freakin wait

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