Don’t Miss Kelsea on GMA’s Summer Concert Series!
Jul. 26, 2018

Don’t Miss Kelsea on GMA’s Summer Concert Series!

Legends! Kelsea is performing FRIDAY 8/3 as part of GMA’s Summer Concert Series! The concert will be held in New York City’s Central Park and is completely FREE to the public!

For anyone interested in joining "GMA" in Central Park, we encourage you to wear your best shade of turquoise as part of Kelsea’s special show and to arrive at Rumsey Playfield via the 72nd Street entrance on Fifth Avenue at 6 a.m. when the park opens to the public. The concert will start at 7 a.m and end around 9 a.m. Hope to see you there! ❤️
  1. Sunshine avatar

    It was so amazing meeting Kelsea! She made everyone feel so special! I Hate Love Songs, but I love Kelsea!

  2. Kcleigh avatar

    Super excited. Got my iota tickets. My daughter can’t wait.

  3. krazykaryn avatar

    @ giggles - did u look for me thru FB? I posted on kelsea's page for you

  4. krazykaryn avatar

    @giggles - it's not letting me respond...absolutely on the 2 extra tix in my name.

    If you have FB messenger (karyn koller lincavage)we can chat / meet up to go in together.

  5. Giggles avatar

    I am in need of 2 tickets please! I would love to surprise my daughter who is one of Kelesa's biggest fans!!

  6. krazykaryn avatar

    I got 2 extra ibotta tix if someone didn't get any. Let me know

  7. Sarahmarie avatar

    If it's open to public, do you really need 1iota tickets? Or does that just get you in ahead of public!

  8. krazykaryn avatar

    Just got my ibotta tix & huge surprise for my 7yr old who loves Kelsea!!! Cannot wait!!!

  9. Ajcaggiano11 avatar

    The 1iota tickets were just updated at least mine were

  10. tever avatar

    I got wait listed on 1iota :( can't take a Chance travelling that far then not get in... I have a super sad daughter!

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