Kelsea’s Legendary CMA Fest 2018
Jun. 12, 2018

Kelsea’s Legendary CMA Fest 2018

Kelsea took last week’s CMA Fest by storm as she co-hosted the four-day festival and one of country music’s biggest fan experiences, performed all over Nashville, TN (including the stadium of about 70,000 people) and snuck in a few surprises for her amazing fans. One surprise being an exclusive fan club party and first look at her new music video for “I Hate Love Songs.” After revealing the music video, fans walked through some of the sets reconstructed from the video, including the “Legends” Diner and the pink wall covered in balloons, flowers, and streamers.

The video later made its official debut on Nissan Stadium’s big screen and is out NOW on Vevo. Thanks for another legendary #CMAFest everyone! ❤️

  1. Melissa Ledman avatar

    That is so sweet of Kelsea! Glad everyone had a good time! Hope I get to experience that some day! Love I Hate Love Songs music video!!

  2. Jess_stephans avatar

    The party was so fun!!

  3. Katy Grace avatar

    Best fan party ever!!!!!

  4. Ashley McNeil avatar

    We had so much fun! Thank you for working so hard to plan cool events for all of us.

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