Kelsea Ballerini “Legends” Fan Club
Aug. 04, 2017

Kelsea Ballerini “Legends” Fan Club

In anticipation of her second full length album “Unapologetically” due out on November 3, Kelsea is coining her fan club The Legends! Stay in touch with Kelsea, gain access to exclusive VIP experiences, special acoustic videos and blogs written by Kelsea herself ✨ Become a #KBLegend today:



  1. Elizabeth2004 avatar

    Hi my name is Elizabeth, I’m your biggest fan, I have been dying to meet you. I was at your concert in April at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater Florida and it was amazing! It was my first concert,and I had a blast! Thank you! Looking forward to getting to getting to see you again soon ! Love you, Elizabeth !

  2. Katie Fuentes avatar

    My 8 year old little girl LOVES you.. Sings every song and Love me like you mean it was her first song she learned every word to the lyrics on. I am surprising her and taking her to the chattanooga show tomorrow night and she is going to be thrilled. I wish she could meet you and have her dreams come true and make her night even more to remember! Cant wait to see you put on one heck of a show!

  3. Tyler Saejow avatar

    Hey Kelsea I wish I can meet you I didn’t have enough money to get your vip I love to meet you

  4. Simona Pugliese avatar

    Will you be coming to Pittsburgh this summer???? Please, Please, Please.... I am a huge fan.... I would literally die.....

  5. sneedham avatar

    Hey Kelsea. Love your voice, music, and lyrics. Bought your cd quite acwhile back. Think last December.
    I'm older but great at poetry andvthink I may be able to convert that into song writing. Since the housing crash I lost my job and my health is not perfect so employment isca challenge. I had some good concepts for some songs that are similar to your writing style. I know you are perfectly talented enough to write your own songs but on the other hand as an artist you can't really have too many songs either. Anyway, wondered if you may be interested in collaborating on some songs or would be looking at some I have completed.
    I'm po.LOL and could use some extra money. I trust you completely. If you don't use 5hem or they don't make you money , you don't have 5o pay me. If you don't like them or can't tweat them to your music, no problem. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Nothing useable nothing lost.

    My name is Shelby. My number in Alabama is 205 641 9767.

  6. Lorirusso avatar

    Your my daughters idol and I want to thank you for being such a wonderful role model for young girls and women. We met you last night in Holmdel and your adorable. Thank you for sharing your talent and gift of great music with us

  7. Tiffani Linde avatar

    Love you so much Kelsea you mean so much to me your my hero your amazing and so beautiful and talented and love your confidence and personality ur so happy and fun and bubbly and inspiring I'm so proud ur the best and love your music and your voice my fav singer I blast ur music and jam and my dream is to meet you and see you in concert. I was gonna see you at We Fest MN and didn't so I balled my eyes out freies was so dissapointed still am and will always be. I'm ur biggest fan! You make me so happy! Can't wait for your second album! You've accomplished so much and will do much more: your a great person and role model please reply that's all I want in life I'm loving you like I mean it

  8. Mistw avatar

    How do you get a legend jacket?

  9. Marcus Tirtowidjojo avatar

    Can Y'all sew on the patches on my legends Xl blue jacket for me plz? I can't sew very good

  10. ashley_joy avatar

    Do we need to buy the patches to be part of the legends fan club or does this membership carry over?

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