LEGENDS is here!
Jun. 07, 2017

LEGENDS is here!

Kelsea’s brand new single, “Legends” is here! Get the first taste of her highly anticipated second album, now available on all digital streaming and sales platforms. ✨  


Get it on itunes: http://smarturl.it/kblegends

Stream it on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/legends-spotify

“'Legends’ is one of the first songs I wrote for the record and every time I’ve listened to it, I find a different meaning. It brings me back to the heartbreak I wrote it from, it makes me think of my fans and the journey we’ve shared, and now I sing it from the perspective of a legendary love story. I hope everyone hears something in it that brings them to a place of nostalgia and is as excited as I am to begin this next chapter together.”  - Kels



  1. Lorirusso avatar

    Love the song pre ordered the albem

  2. Maria Lyn Lorenzo avatar

    I hope to see you here, in the Philippines .

  3. Kelesa fan 4 ever avatar


  4. tinmanlover1994 avatar

    I love it Kelsea its my new favorite song! Loved watching you debute it on the awards my favorite performance of the night. I'm a huge fan Kelsea have been sense your first single and always will be. Can't wait for the new music I'm excited Kelsea I know that your songs mean a lot too you their coming form your heart and that's were the best songs come from the Heart and the most important thing is staying true too yourself when you work on your music and have fun.
    XOXO Rachel ????

  5. Jena avatar

    It sooooo good!

  6. markus67365 avatar

    Love it love it love it.

  7. Barry Cox II avatar

    From the time I heard this song "Legends" during the CMT awards 2017 I fell in love with it and I been playing it on repeat on my cell phone. Love it love it love it. I will be definitely downloading it and can't wait to hear it live when you come to Florida next month. I am getting your shirt too. Looking forward to hanging with you backstage at the meet and greet in July! :).

  8. krector555 avatar

    Already absolutely in love with this song!! It's so perfect! Can't wait to hear it live in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS

  9. Cory077 avatar

    Absolutely in love with this song! It's so Legendary!! It gives me a sense of longing and nostalgia from back when I was depression-free and when everything was looking up, and it also gives me somewhat of a renewed hope that I just need to push on and perhaps things may one day get better. Literally been playing this on repeat all yesterday and probably for the months to come. And the performance at the CMT awards was stunning! Unapologetically in love. What an amazing beginning to the new era! Can't wait for the rest of KB2 <3

  10. Krystina avatar

    i love this song cant wait for the others to come out

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