Front Row At CMA Fest With GRAMMY U Chicago Member Jacklyn Krol
Jun. 20, 2016

Front Row At CMA Fest With GRAMMY U Chicago Member Jacklyn Krol

Most people only get to experience music festivals as fans, not as the performers, workers, or press. I was lucky enough to work with some of the incredible artists and do press for my website/magazine Stage Right Secrets. Starting to prep for a major festival starts at least five months in advance with securing travel plans, setting up interviews, shoots, set reviews, events, and trying to fit in some time to eat and sleep in between the madness. 

One of the coolest moments was seeing Steven Tyler interact with his fans and take the time out to make each and every one of them feel special. It was also insane to meet a living legend that made some of the most iconic songs in music. His new country music is a great fit with some of the most amazingly raw vocals I’ve heard.

Nashville is music city, for good reasons. However you think country when you think of the city, that’s not the case with the talented songwriters, producers, publishers, and all of the working musicians that call Nashville home. Having events where songwriters could be showcased and represented was a highlight moment for me. Hearing GRAMMY nominated songwriters Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne talk about their stories of some of the most popular songs made me reimagine the songs in a whole new light.

Some artists shared their thoughts about performing at festivals with us:

“I’ve played my heart out on every size stage at CMA Fest, from the crowds of 20 to the big stadium, because I love the energy of the festival and the country music fans so much. But getting to host the
whole thing with one of my best pals, you can’t beat that!” –Brett Eldredge

"I've gotten to experience CMA fest as both a fan and an artist now, and it's truly the most magical weekend for country music lovers. Just being able to be so accessible and physically thank and hug the people that make shirts, show up with homemade signs, and spread the word about our music every day. It's special." – Kelsea Ballerini

 “I thought playing the stadium at last year’s CMA Music Festival was my favorite memory being my first year, but wow, wow, wow. This year’s performance was more special than I could have ever imagined. I will never forget that moment when the fans lit the stadium up during ‘You Should Be Here.’ The fans just took it to another level for me.” –Cole Swindell

"I think my most memorable moment of the week was performing at the Grand Ole Opry and receiving a standing ovation. It doesn't get any better than performing on that stage." – Scotty McCreery 


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