What Are You Fighting For?

This contest ended 7 months ago

Legends! In honor of #MissMeMore, we want to know what YOU’RE fighting for. Post a photo below inspired by the “Miss Me More” video and include a caption describing what you’re fighting for, for the chance to win a KB t-shirt! Bonus points if you share your story to Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtags #MissMeMore and #MyFight and including the link to the “Miss Me More” video. Good luck, Legends!
  1. Justin Adam avatar

    I fight daily for my wife and to stay strong for both us. She is a rock. Our son lost his life in 2016 and have been struggling in starting a family again. The one thing that keeps me going is Kelseas music.

  2. Jenny Gossard avatar

    Believe those who are seeking the truth and keep your reputation guarded close to my heart.

  3. abbiejean_925 avatar

    Kelsea, my fight is mental illness. Every day, I fight to get out of bed, brush my teeth, take my meds, take a shower, and do what I need to do for the day. Depression and anxiety has held me back from so many amazing opportunities and I’m so tired of it! School, jobs, and friends have been lost because of my illnesses. This fall has been the hardest season of my life, which is a big thing to say given I’ve lived a lot of it. My fight includes massive panic attacks and major mood swings, causing my thinking to be quite irrational. Winning a t-shirt would be one thing that could keep my positive mood going, and I would love to have one that actually fits me! Love you kels and I’ll see you in March and April!!!

  4. mayamac3 avatar

    I am fighting to maintain my morality. Despite the way people remember me or what I'm known for, I will keep my morals guarded and close to my heart.

  5. Lgm avatar

    I am fighting hard for my rainbow baby and after almost a year of trying again, I an not sure how much more I can take.

  6. Elisa avatar

    Io combatto la destra

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