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    Hey guys! I have been waiting patiently to meet Kelsea. Last night she posted that she was doing a meet and great in Chicago near my hometown. I HAD to be there. It was only an hour away. I managed to get there by myself and I can finally say I got to meet her! She is the kindest person and so cute. She noticed we had the same jean jacket (: I can not wait for her to come back to Chicago. <3

  2. Emily F avatar

    Guess who's nominated for FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR????? KELSEA!!!!! She's also doing an epic performance with Reba!!! Did you guys catch her on GMA this morning?All this and she just released her sophomore album not even a week ago!!! I couldn't be more proud!!! Come on my fellow Legends, join me in wishing Kels the best of luck tonight!!! Love You Guys, Mean It, Emily :)

  3. Samanthuh55 avatar

    So last Thursday I woke up and saw a tweet that Kelsea was planning something speacial in NYC! AN ALBUM RELEASE PARTY IN NYC AT A SECRET LOCATION! You had to enter via a link on twitter and 100 fans were chosen to attend! I was lucky enough to get picked!! I was so happy and so emotional! Work let me leave early and I found another girl going to the party as well and we...

  4. Emily F avatar

    Hello everyone, So far Kelsea has only made (as that I know of) and released one music video for only one song off of Unapologetically: Legends. There will most likely be more, but I want to hear your ideas. What song would you like to see in a music video? How would you envision it to go? Would there be a cliffhanger at the end? Would it be like a mini movie? What would the set be like?...


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