1. Kelsea memes avatar

    I hope I can win the new merch love you kels see you on October 6th!! @Emily F @Beckyloveskelsea @Kelsea fan 4 ever

  2. Gabriel Simon avatar

    Hi Kelsea! My partner Chris and I love your music so much. I have been tweeting for weeks to possibly meet greet. We are coming to 7/21 Tahoe show tomorrow. Thanks for considering and being a Legend.

  3. Kelesa fan 4 ever avatar

    I’m so proud of you and what you have done for me so far next summer was really when I started listening to you and joined in January and saw her June 22nd 2018 and I’m so proud of you

  4. Emily F avatar

    Hey guys, just curious—for those of you who got to meet Kelsea on this tour, how did you get chosen?